Identify Your Scope 3 Emissions

Easily track your carbon emissions on a shipment-by-shipment or product-by-product basis. CDL 1000 is leveraging the GLEC Framework, along with a proprietary methodology including variables such as distance, speed, weight, truck type, and more, to provide accurate emissions tracking.

Open to Everyone

Protecting the planet is everyone’s responsibility, so we’re not limiting the program to our shippers. If you’re a broker, forwarder, or BCO who simply wants to understand and mitigate their overall carbon footprint, we’re here to help.

Offset projects

Our flexible offset program lets you select the percentage of emissions you’d like to offset by choosing programs that are most relevant to your business, community, and employees. Offsets aren’t a panacea, but are part of a comprehensive approach to curbing global warming.

Standards-Based Reporting

Our CTaaS and Offset programs meet state and federal requirements for carbon disclosure. We handle the heavy lifting when it comes to tracking and reporting carbon for each product you ship. From there, we provide all necessary information, while helping you support your emissions reduction efforts.

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