Eliminate friction, accessorials and headaches

We’ve grown by meeting the needs of today’s most progressive shippers, many of whom have the same needs and requests as you. We’ve been trusted to haul freight for 17 of the top 20 importers and nine of the top 10 freight forwarders.
How can we help you?



Remove friction from port and rail

Don’t put up with port delays or peak season railyard problems. Choose a drayage partner who will get your shipments where they need to be… without fail. Our vast experience and always-on technology means no freight gets left behind.



Smarter routing based on AI

We’ll make sure the right load goes on the most efficient truck. Our artificial intelligence tools predict capacity, increasing loaded ratios by 60% and reducing costs for shippers.



Carbon Tracking and Offsets

We’ve built a set of tools to help shippers understand and mitigate their carbon emissions. The solutions leverage the GLEC standards to provide accurate emissions data per shipment (or per good), while offsets can be purchased through our platform.


Real-time tracking

We’re the nation’s leading drayage provider, driving efficiency at every turn. From the right equipment ready to go, to real-time tracking and always-on technology, we’re here to get your goods there – without fail.


Your load, your way

We can ingest orders via API, EDI, Spreadsheet E-mail, SMS and more to fit within your unique workflow. And we can reciprocate the process, giving you info in the way you want to receive it.

Let us do the heavy lifting

Our end-to-end services don’t stop at the drop-off. And you don’t need to add another job to your to-do list. Take the hassle out of unpacking, assembly and installation and let us take care of it. Don’t worry, we’ve got this.

CDL 1000, Inc., is a technology-driven, third-party logistics (3PL) leader. Based in Chicago, IL, CDL 1000 is a supply chain solution company handling full logistical end-to-end processes.

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